Korra (Book 4) | Breakdown

Personal Commentary

So I’ve been behind on the times that is the Avatar series, but I always thought the cosplays looked cool. I also thought the poi idea cosplayers used was amazing, but I still didn’t feel like watching the show. When I saw Korra’s book 4 look, I just felt like this is it, this is my time to shine! Haha, but seriously, I fell in love with the design. And then, when I saw the ending with Korrasami, I knew I had to watch the show officially! From there, everything just came together.

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Ok but seriously this time

Alright so, I’m gonna actually attempt to put time into this blog again. Test season is coming for me now, so I won’t guarantee any posts in the next couple of weeks, but by the end of February, I should have a new blog post up (hopefully two) that are cosplay related!

Cya guys soon!