Korra (Book 4) | Breakdown

Personal Commentary

So I’ve been behind on the times that is the Avatar series, but I always thought the cosplays looked cool. I also thought the poi idea cosplayers used was amazing, but I still didn’t feel like watching the show. When I saw Korra’s book 4 look, I just felt like this is it, this is my time to shine! Haha, but seriously, I fell in love with the design. And then, when I saw the ending with Korrasami, I knew I had to watch the show officially! From there, everything just came together.

Construction Notes

So this cosplay was pretty easy to construct. The only difficulty I had was with the shirt which I’ll talk about last because unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures (I took video though).

First off, the pants!

This is Stretch Docker Twill Medium Gray. I used a pair of cargo pants I already owned (from my Mako Mori cosplay!) and traced the pants shape onto my fabric. I traced this pattern four times. I made the pattern a little bit bigger since Korra’s pants are baggier than those cargo pants.

I then sewed everything together! I sewed the two legs together first and then sewed the crotch together. For the waistband, I cut out a long strip of fabric that measured around my waist. I folded the strip in half and pinned it to the top of the pants and sewed them to together. I also did the same thing for the bottom of each leg (the length of the strip should equal between the width of your ankle and calf). This fabric has some stretch in it so I did not have to use elastic.

Now for the armwarmers!

I made these out of Soft Jersey Knit Solid Midnight Blue. This fabric is super stretchy and 2-way stretch. I actually asked my mother to pin the fabric around my arm and that’s how I got the the basic shape.

For the hand part, while wearing the armwarmer, I just pinned the area between my thumb and index finder while I had my fingers spread out. I then sewed everything and flipped the thing inside out to get Korra’s glove! I then used that glove to trace another one. I put the glove on my arm readjust anything and then sewed.

To get the light blue strips on the armwarmer, I measured my arm in that area where the strips would be placed. I cut out the strips. My ribbon isn’t stretchy so I have to stretch the armwarmer out first. I also marked on my armwarmer (while wearing) where the strips would go. I then grabbed a plastic cup and put my armwarmer on it. I measured the plastic cup until I found the same width that matched my arm and pulled the marked armwarmer up to the same spot. Using hot glue, I glued the light blue ribbon onto the armwarmer.

Now for the belt + wrap.

The fur is just regular white fur I found at Hancock Fabrics. The brown fabric is something I had lying in my closet for like seven years lol. The grey fabric is the same used on my pants. The dark blue fabric was something I found at Hancocks.

I started off by cutting out this shape. I did this kind of freehand. I just measured from my waist to where I think the wrap stopped on Korra compared to my body. I cut out two of these pieces to thicken up the wrap and to also cover the fur lined bottom and you’ll see why. The two pieces are currently separated.

Because sewing on fur is a pain AND also I didn’t want the fur to clog up the sewing machine, I used hot glue! I cut out four curved strips of fur and glued them down along the bottom of one of the brown pieces. I left about an inch of brown fabric at the bottom for a reason. Also, to avoid the ugly cutting job on the bottom of the fur, I hot glued the edges of the fur. And this is why I needed the second piece of the brown fabric.

So this part is weird. I lined up the second piece of the brown fabric against the first piece, right sides facing each other and sewed up the sides. Then flip it out so the fur is facing out again. The bottom of the second piece is hot glued to the fur to cover up the wrong side of the fur! The brown fabric stops at the top of the folded edge of the fur.

For the grey belt, I cut out a grey strip that extended past the top of the wrap on both sides. I sewed the grey strip to the top of the wrap. While you can see a button snap there, I couldn’t get the other one to stay on so I used velcro instead.

For the blue flap that goes in front of Korra’s pants, I cut out this shape and sewed the edges. I attach the flap using velcro. It’s kind of tricky to attach the flap this way as you have to put the wrap on first and then slip the flap underneath to attach it but it works!

I haven’t finished the buckle yet but I cut out a piece of craft foam in the pentagon shape. I covered the buckle in mod podge before painting it. The buckle will be hot glued to one side of the belt strip.

Noooow, the shirt. Oh boy!

So this is the only picture I have of the shirt lol. This is Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit Solid Sky Blue. I cut out four different parts for this. You can see how the pins are shaped on the fabric in the picture. This is the side panel of the shirt pinned to the front of the shirt. These are what the two shapes needed look like:


The first picture is the middle panel that is for the front piece. The BACK piece looks very similar but does NOT have the angled side lines. My lines are straight, starting at the bottom of the armpit so the back panel is wider. The second picture is of the left and right side panels (pattern would be flipped for left). The red line is where the sleeve hole would go (the red bottom line on the first picture is a mistake oops). You can clearly see from the photos where you’d need to sew the side panel to the front panel.

The white strips are bias tape! This is single folded bias tape so honestly, I just top stitched it onto the shirt. For the open front, I just put the shirt on after sewing it together and cut a line down the middle. For the sleeves, I put the shirt on my mannequin and just pinned the bias tape on top until it looked good. Honestly, I got lucky with this shirt lol. It took me three days to get it done ugh.

And wahlah (minus the belt buckle)!! Overall I’m very pleased! I do need to paint my boots a dark brown (which I bought from Amazon; they’re Womens Knee High Faux Suede Flat Boots) and paint the grey parts darker as well. I will also glue decorative brown ribbon over the fur edge to cover up that ugliness ha. But other than that, I love it!

I still need to invest in contacts which is another $25 and I want to make poi for this cosplay which may be ~$15. I purchased my wig from

Total Cost: ~$115 (currently), ~$150 (in the end)


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