Cosplay | Stocking Anarchy (Angel)

Character: Stocking Anarchy
Variant: Angel
Series: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Difficulty: Medium
Worn: AWA 2012
Photography: Vincent Nguyen

Personal Commentary

I originally hadn’t planned to make Stocking Anarchy in 2012 because I knew I wouldn’t have the funds to make it the way I wanted it to. My friend was very ambient about cosplaying Panty and Stocking so I dropped all the other cosplays I had planned. I was pleased with how it turned out given this was my first completely sewn from scratch cosplay. If I ever decide to remake it, I’ll definitely add a lot more detail to it and make the mid section an actual corset (yeah, it’s not haha).

Construction notes

I originally opted to buy my wig from Taobao, but the process was too strenuous for me so I bought my wig from a random eBay seller. The shoes were pre-bought for a wedding. I purchased them from DSW Shoes. The bracelets were purchased from Claire’s.

Onto the dress, I bought white, blue, and grey casa satin and two different types of white laced ribbon. I also bought white tulle. The dress was split into three different sections: The bra, the corset, and the skirt. Starting with the bra, I cut out a basic rectangular shape out of white casa satin that would wrap around my chest and mid back. I then cut out two wide strips of blue casa satin and sewed them on top of the white using a top-stitch. I then sewed a long piece of lacey white ribbon in the center.

For the corset, I didn’t construct it as a typical corset which means that I didn’t use any boning. This cosplay wasn’t something I had initially planned to make that year, so I didn’t want to chip out extra cash for it. The corset was cut out in two hexagon shapes and sewn along the sides using the grey casa satin. I then sewed on the two different lace ribbons to create the design that goes down the front part of her corset.

Lastly, the skirt is a typical circle skirt pattern made from white casa satin. I made the back longer than the front because I have a larger behind and because of how I will sew the skirt to the corset. I then cut out a long wide strip of blue casa satin and sewed it on top of the white using a top-stitch. I cut out large strips of white tulle and sewed them together. These strips were then sewed underneath the skirt to give it more poof. Lace ribbon was sewed along the bottom of the skirt.


Before sewing the bra and corset together, I folded the top part of the corset over twice to create that strip Stocking has under her breasts. Those two pieces are then sewn together. Sewing the skirt and corset together was kind of tricky and didn’t come out the way I intended it, but I was crunched for time. During the pinning process, I folded the corset at an upwards angle from the center on both sides. The back should be higher than the front. I sewed the two pieces together.

With all pieces together, I moved to the upper strip that’s attached to the top of the bra part. I cut out a long strip of craft foam and wrapped it in grey casa satin. This is sewn into the bra. I made sure not to have any craft foam too close to the back part, where my zipper was going to go. I then cut four long strips of then grey ribbon for my shoulder straps (two on each side). For actual shoulder strips, I recommend elastic or stretchy ribbon. I then sewed a invisible grey zipper up at the back of the dress.

For the leg warmer, I only made one because I made one of Stocking’s swords. I measured the length around my thigh for the top part of the leg warmer .The bottom part doesn’t matter unless you want it to be fitted like leggings. If so, I’d suggest using a stretchy fabric. I cut out three white strips and two blue strips and sewed them in the order: white-blue-white-blue-white. Before sewing the ends together, I sewed a piece of elastic around the top to keep the leg warmer on my leg.

Next for the choker, since I don’t like things touching my neck, I made my choker a little loose. I cut out a wide strip of grey casa satin and sewed two long pieces of lace ribbon onto either end. I hand-sewed a hook closing on the back.

For the arm warmers, I did this mostly by eye. I wrapped the white fabric around my arm and hand and pinned it down to know where to sew. Since my fabric doesn’t stretch, I had to make the arm warmers slightly tight. For the hand, I cut down the fabric to a triangular shape. Using grey fabric, I made a ring (weird, I know) that’d go around my middle finger and sewed that to the tip of the triangle. I then top stitch the triangle part. For the grey arm bands, I used craft foam wrapped in grey fabric again. The ends are sewn together.

The white bows are made from really thick white ribbon and glued to pin backs. The blue hair bow is made from thick blue ribbon and glued to a hair clip. The hearts are made from model magic and painted with metallic blue paint. They’re glued to the ribbons.

The wings were made from craft foam. I cut out three different sized wings and glued them together to give it a better 3D effect. The smallest wing is facing against my back. I glued and taped the ends of a wire harness to the smallest wing. This harness fits into the back of my bra piece.

Lastly, the sword! It’s made from cardboard. I cut out two pieces for the blade and hot glued and duct taped them together around a metal dowel. The guard is carved out of styrofoam. I smoothed out the edges with model magic and wrapped it with paper mache. This piece is hot glued and duct taped to the blade. For the grip or handle, I cut out four pieces of cardboard, the back end being the longest, the front part being the shortest, and the sides being cut at an angle along the bottom. The back piece is curved into the bottom. I stuffed this part with leftover newspaper and hot glued and duct taped the pieces together. This piece is hot glued and duct taped to the bottom of the guard. I then painted the sword design with white and blue acrylic paint.




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