Cosplay | Shadowcat

Character: Shadowcat
Variant: Astonishing X-Men
Series: X-Men
Difficulty: Easy
Worn: AWA 2013

Personal Commentary

Shadowcat (aka Kitty Pryde) has been one of my favorite X-Men and Marvel characters since I was a child. I wasn’t planning to cosplay her in 2013, but I came across a lot of yellow fabric I had bought years ago for another cosplay and never used. I figured I could do a decent version of Shadowcat with it. I do plan to remake her one day with Vinyl fabric and with a Lockheed (and wear her to a comic convention).

Construction notes

I bought the wig from cosplayDNA on eBay. My boots were pre-owned. The body suit is a zentai suit that I removed the head and hands from. The yellow fabric I had doesn’t stretch so I had to attach it via velcro to the bodysuit.

For the yellow fabric, I cut out a mock up that was altered and then transferred to the yellow fabric that was folded four ways. This helped speed up the process.


For the shoulder pieces that aren’t attached to the body suit, I inserted triangular shaped craft foam to give them shape and hold them up. The fabric was folded over and glued to the craft foam. The bottom of the yellow piece is where the front and back connect via velcro and pins.

The belt was made from craft foam. Since the craft foam wasn’t long enough to create one long belt, I took some creative liberty and glued fake belt loops over the places where the craft connects. The buckle was three layers. The bottom layer was a white circle painted red. The second layer was two yellow strips crossed over one another to create the X. The top layer is a yellow circle that is larger than the red circle. An inner circle is cut out that is smaller than the red circle. This piece is glued on top. The belt connects via velcro that is placed behind the buckle.

For the gloves, I traced my hand on the yellow fabric and cut out two pieces for each hand. The wrist part has craft foam inserted into it to keep it’s shape. Since this fabric isn’t stretch, I had to leave a lot of extra room for my hands. The gloves do fit weird but worked enough.



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