Cosplay | Marshall Lee

                Character: Marshall Lee
Variant: Normal
Series: Adventure Time
Difficulty: Easy
Worn: AWA 2012, AWA 2013

Personal Commentary

This was a very last minute decision cosplay. I decided to cosplay Marshall a couple of weeks before the con because I couldn’t finish another cosplay I wanted to do. In the end, I really enjoyed cosplaying Marshall! I would love to cosplay more variants of him in the future once I find body paint or make up that won’t cause me to break out.

Construction notes

I bought my wig from an eBay seller years ago. It was originally a Ritsuka Aoyagi wig. The shirt was bought from Goodwill, and I pre-owned the pants and shoes. My chest binder was handmade using this tutorial. The body paint I used was Ben Nye. This was my friend’s body paint, so I don’t know how she mixed it. My fangs were purchased from

The body paint stayed on for half a day without cracking. However, it took almost five hours to remove it.



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